Strong opinions, loosely held. Burgess explores topics ranging from mental health to marketing to climate change.

Limiting exposure to centralization is critical for keeping your assets safe in the wild west of Web3.

There is no such thing as true decentralization. However, limiting your exposure to centralization is critical for keeping your assets safe in the wild west of Web3.

In theory, holding cryptocurrency or engaging with DeFi means cutting out the middleman — be it a bank or other centralized financial entity…

The real questions you should be asking about non-fungible tokens, according to a crypto enthusiast.

nfts explained
PC: Unsplash Fakurian Design and Alsadawut Chaiseeha (edited Burgess Powell)

The zeal surrounding NFTs confuses me.

Why would anyone beyond the Jay-Zs and oligarchs of this world — invest in an NFT? And how can an NFT possibly be seen as an investment?

CryptoPunk #9998, a drab, pixelated character with white hair and the appearance of green eyeshadow, sold for…

On writer’s block, inspiration as luxury, and the quiet contentment of putting pen to paper.

writers block
PC Birmingham Museum Trust (edited by Burgess Powell)

Does writing require ritual or inspiration? If you want to write, you’ll need to have at least one of the two — though having both is ideal. Let me tell you why:

Ritual begets inspiration.

Let me explain.

My favorite time to write is in the morning, twenty minutes after…

Mustering enthusiasm — the kind you see from YouTube influencers — is deeply uncomfortable.

Despite all appearances, sitting yourself in front of a computer camera to read your own writing or explain a dense financial topic is, in fact, an extremely vulnerable and difficult thing to do.

While making YouTube videos is hard, making YouTube cover art is very, very fun. PC: Burgess Powell.

Take 1

In my first attempt, I put on my favorite Ulla Johnson dress, opened a can of June…

What everyone misses when talking about technology

phone addiction
PC Grape_vein Getty Images Pro (edited Burgess Powell)

Sometimes, on the subway, I put down my phone and look around at everyone else in the car, still stuck in The Matrix.

Seeing everyone glued to jewel-colored games and Instagram feeds, I typically feel one of two ways:

  • On the most self-righteous of days, I feel like a Boomer…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Cryptocurrency Interest and Lending

earn interest on cryptocurrency
PC: Burgess Powell

Yes, you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency — and some say that you are missing unrealized gains if you aren’t. But, much like the cryptocurrency market itself, using a cryptocurrency lending platform to earn interest on your crypto is not for the faint of heart.

Though a potentially awesome…

Nothing is more human than looking forward to Judgement Day.

PC SakchaiPSW edited by Burgess Powell

Humans have been worrying about the apocalypse for as long as there have been humans. Recently, I have followed in their footsteps.

Judgement Day in its various forms permeates Judeo-Christian’s, as well as Islamic, Norse, Hindu, and countless other faiths. These have their modern equivalents in Y2K, the prepper movement…

Burgess Powell

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