There is no good reason to move to climate-vulnerable places.

On June 17th, 2021, it was 118°F in Phoenix, Arizona — a temperature best described as “scorched earth” or “smote down from God” hot.

Phoenix’s record-breaking temperature comes hot off a trail of six, 110°F and higher days — a reality almost as disturbing as the fact that Phoenix is one of our nation’s fastest-growing cities.

It’s one thing to retire to the South or West. It’s another for millennials to move there in 2021.

How did we become so divorced from reality?

las vegas climate change
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many of the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities Will Be Most Impacted by Climate Change

Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and to a lesser degree Austin and Salt Lake City, have one big…

Focus your efforts, trust your gut, and ignore the ‘experts’.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Marketing for small businesses is never easy — especially those (rightfully) more invested in creating a product than posting to their social media accounts.

I don’t know a single entrepreneur who isn’t overwhelmed with more critical tasks than AB testing Facebook Ads messaging/staying up-to-date on Google algorithmic updates/[insert essential but time-consuming SEO/social media activity here].

And because few entrepreneurs have the time or the inclination to lead their marketing efforts, I see these small business marketing mistakes all the damn time.

Small business owners out there, stop doing these eight things.

1. Don’t Trust the “Experts.”

Marketing is a snakepit. Many marketers are more than…

Move over cypherpunks. The value of cryptocurrency is now top-of-mind for your parents.

When you (or your parents) start asking about the long-term value of cryptocurrency, you leave, not with answers or a feeling of security, but with insight into the fragility of existing systems.

‘Why does Bitcoin (BTC) have value?’ becomes ‘Why does the U.S. Dollar have value?’

‘What do blockchains do?’ becomes ‘What will happen to lawyers/realtors/credit card companies in 10 years?’

‘Isn’t Bitcoin bad for the environment?’ becomes ‘How ecologically destructive is our current financial system?’ and ‘Who is paying for these anti-Bitcoin articles?’

Weary millennials tired of explaining cryptocurrency to your parents, this article is for you. …

The stars have aligned for an Apple search engine to make its debut.

Apple already has one of the world’s largest search engines. The App Store — where we invariably wind up to download Robinhood, Calm, and TikTok — is one of the most-used search engines out there.

But Apple is taking it one step further. As we speak, Apple is in the process of creating a web search engine. We’re already seeing how this would work with new features like linking to external websites from iPhone home screen queries, Siri, and, the App Store.

apple search engine

Sunset on Google’s Long-Held Monopoly

In the U.S., Google accounts…

For the past two years, the following Shopify SEO problems have gone unsolved.

With Google’s Core Web Vitals update, the costs of un-evolving SEO have skyrocketed for Shopify’s million+ merchants and the platform as a whole.

So what are Shopify merchants to do? And what are some ways that Shopify can give users added capabilities without tanking their site speed — and their Google rankings?

Here are a few working solutions for merchants, and polite suggestions for the developers at Shopify, courtesy of an SEO manager.

shopify seo problems
#1 Shopify SEO tip: Consider Google’s next update

The Biggest Shopify SEO Problem

It doesn’t matter whether you use WordPress or Shopify: the more apps you use…

A Government Shake-up Is Long Overdue. Are Startup Cities It?

There is an energy to Miami and Austin that you no longer find in New York or San Francisco.

Not only are both southern cities forward-looking — but there is genuine excitement about the future, be it remote work, decentralization as technology and lifestyle, and unknown innovations to come.

In other words, Miami and Austin are startup cities.

They exist in contrast to existing bastions to wealth — notably New York and San Francisco, the latter being an OG startup city that lost its stride.

Seemingly overnight, the narrative around New York and San Francisco has shifted from painting them…

COVID-19 has accelerated many trends: remote work, e-commerce, the geographic reshuffling of wealth — but perhaps most concerning is its impact on loneliness.

Americans of all ages are lonelier than ever and a return to normal life post-vaccine won’t be a panacea.

The big question isn’t why are we so lonely? — though we’ll start by answering it. It’s: How do we restructure modern life around community without sacrificing the individual?

This is part of a series on loneliness in America.

loneliness epidemic
Why are Americans so lonely?

36% of Americans Are Lonely “Frequently” or “All The Time”

Chances are, you’re experiencing it too. Whether you suffer from bouts of loneliness or know someone who does, you are far from alone. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been isolating for both those living with others and those living alone.


How to avoid scammers and smooth talkers, according to an SEO manager

The words “what do you mean?” spray painted onto a road.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Want to hire an SEO agency but worried about getting scammed?

Good, you should be worried.

Trust me, I’m an SEO manager.

At previous companies, I have seen clients promised impossible returns and seen entrepreneurs sign contracts that they should never have signed.

I have also seen small businesses outrank Fortune 500 companies on Google.

And though I believe that organic traffic is critical for sustainable business growth — I have built my own SEO agency on affordability and transparency — the world of search engine optimization remains, at best, opaque, and, at worst, a complete and total scam.


11 awkward, life-affirming ways to connect with others.

how to combat loneliness

Feel alone? Turns out, you’re not as alone as you think. According to a survey from October 2020, 60% of American millennials experience loneliness regularly during COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the loneliness epidemic won’t go away when COVID-19 ends.

In fact, COVID-19 simply accelerated realities that we would have encountered anyway — including widespread loneliness.

Want to change your results? Change your behavior.

The loneliness epidemic is a societal problem that requires societal solutions. However, large-scale social change is notoriously slow, meaning that change is up to you. Here are 11 practical, dorky, and life-affirming ways to combat loneliness today.

This article is part of a series on loneliness in…

Not sure how to start optimizing your site? Here are 11 changes that you can make today.

Actionable Shopify SEO tips for your store

I’ve developed these Shopify SEO tips after helping over 20 websites grow their organic traffic. Despite the noise about how competitive everything is nowadays, it’s still possible to grow your e-commerce business without a massive budget.

The problem is, most lists of this sort aren’t actually meant to help. They’re meant to build the author’s business.

With that in mind, here are 11 concrete Shopify SEO tips that you can implement yourself — with a healthy dose of focus, patience, and coffee.

1. Start with a Theme Made by Shopify

The deeper down the SEO rabbit hole you go, the more customization you will be doing. …

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